Once Bruce and Selina reach the city, Selina tries to get rid of Bruce to keep him safe, knowing the assassins after pursuing her, not him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the blow has cost them dearly, Falcone tells them all that their tariffs will be raised 25% until the reserves can once again be killed. Later, she takes him to get some new clothes at The Flea. Despite Falcone doubting this, due to Cobblepot's hatred of Fish, Penguin offers to find the mole. When she ends up asking Bruce if he wants to kiss her, just trying to be "nice", Bruce rejects the offer, telling her that he doesn't believe that she's a nice person, and doesn't think she cares much for other people. Moments later, Bruce and Alfred are reunited, and the two embrace. Gotham 01x11 - Lovecraft SPOILERS. ... And then the assassins show up. Oswald Cobblepot is steadily moving toward his plan to control Gotham … The lady assassin chokes Gordon unconscious while Lovecraft slips away. Despite having the chance, she did not kill or seriously injure James and Bruce for standing in her way of performing her assassination. The Court of Owls is a mysterious group that serves as the main antagonistic faction of Season 3 of the TV series Gotham. And so ends 2014 in Gotham…. Jim shoots the male assassin. She showed up with a team of henchman, Selina and Bruce tried to escape as Alfred and James showed up and got into a firefight with her henchman. She was sent to kill both Selina Kyle and Dick Lovecraft by parties unknown due to them having some knowledge over who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, although she only managed to kill Lovecraft. Meanwhile at the Flea, Bruce meets a friend of Selina's, Ivy Pepper, daughter of Mario Pepper. Gordon finds Lovecraft, but it turns out Lovecraft is hiding from the same assassins that are after Selina. With Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Zabryna Guevara. Occupation Last week’s episode of Gotham was much more centered on Bruce, which was refreshing. What really sells Lovecraft was the great dual double acts of Bruce/Selina and Alfred/Bullock.Lovecraft does what I have been hoping for a while: get our characters out of their areas. He’s now a She. He also warns them that once he finds the person who had robbed him, they will wish that they could die slow like Bannion did. Downstairs, the woman knocks on the door of the manor, deceiving Alfred into believing she has been in an accident. Please use… The tenth episode of season one, entitled “Lovecraft”, was a really fun episode but still brought with it the usual amounts of good stuff, bad stuff, and stuff that made you say “Oh, Gotham…” as you are want to do.So here’s a look a that stuff, now divided into handy-dandy subcategories. She later got contacted by Clyde, a street criminal who had captured Bruce and Selina. ET on FOX. She then had him killed by her associates, rubbing his blood over her forehead and pretended to have been in a car accident which made Alfred let her in and try to help her. But we do get to see Bruce Wayne hopping from roof to roof. 4.5/5 Stars. Alfred bribes Mackey into confessing that Selina had been working with a new fence, and that Fish Mooney would know who the fence was. Gotham S01E09: "Lovecraft" Welp, that was a wash—but I mean the whole "Lovecraft did it" theory, not the episode itself. "Lovecraft" Elsewhere, Bruce and Selina make their way to the city, still trying to escape the assassins. It premiered on FOX on November 24, 2014 and was written by Rebecca Dameron, and directed by Guy Ferland. Status DC Comics fans will know that Copperhead was originally a male character, but the snake-like assassin was given a female makeover for the Batman: Arkham Origins video game, and Gotham … Source. Bruce confronts the female assassins by throwing pipes at her from above. Larissa was observing Wayne Mansion when a gardener asked her what she was doing there, and she quickly took him out by jumping on his back and applying a rear neck choke. Fall finale tonight at 8 p.m. Director At the GCPD, Alfred accompanies Bullock in, interrogating Mackey, a known associate of Selina. First Larissa was observing Wayne Mansion when a gardener asked her what she was doing there, and she quickly took him out by jumping on his back and applying a rear neck choke. Rebecca Dameron The next day Gordon and Dent are lectured by Mayor James about Lovecraft's death. Larissa Diaz, also known as Copperhead, is an assassin who appeared in the first season of Gotham as the main antagonist of the episode "Lovecraft". The two got in a fight where her henchman distracted Alfred long enough for her to chase after Bruce and Selina. Instead, he suggests that Fish Mooney is involved, and has a mole close to Falcone. Assassin That night at Wayne Manor, Bruce receives an unexpected visit from Selina who has come to return the items she had stolen. "Lovecraft" is the tenth episode and mid-season finale of the television series Gotham. Standing up, Gordon begins to search for Lovecraft, but finds him in his bathtub, dead from a gunshot from Gordon's own gun. Alias She then had him killed by her associates, rubbing his blood over her forehead and pretended to have been in a car accident which made Alfredlet her in and try to help her. When she spots Selina, she decides to shelve the facade, and Alfred orders Bruce and Selina to run while he tries to subdue the intruders. This episode introduced Larissa Diaz, a slinky assassin with a similarly striking signature finishing move. So, the shit hits the fan as far as Selina being safely hidden goes. The. Nygma hugging Gordon is both creepy and oddly adorable. Later, Gordon and the rest of the police arrive at the manor, and Bullock discovers Gordon and Harvey Dent's plan to try to solve the murder of the Waynes. Copperhead Meanwhile, Falcone has Penguin abducted to find out if Maroni was responsible for the robbery of his money, at the armory. In this episode, Wayne Manor is attacked, forcing Bruce and Selina to flee, while Gordon comes closer to Lovecraft. Every legend has a defining moment! Episode 10 - "Lovecraft" The female assassin is a re-imagining of DC villain Copperhead. With Bruce and Selina on the run from assassins in Gotham city, they run into Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley), who was last seen in the show’s premiere episode. She's helping Bruce out with his 'homework', but then a bunch of assassins come into the house trying to kill her. A mysterious woman reaches the Wayne Manor Gardens, and quickly takes down the gardener, using his blood to wipe on her forehead. This episode opened with a female assassin taking down a gardener outside of Wayne Manor and literally slicing … To Bruce's surprise, she kisses him before she leaves. Welp, that was a wash—but I mean the whole "Lovecraft did it" theory, not the episode itself. 1 Information She then used James' gun to kill Lovecraft. Gordon is reassigned to Arkham on the big fall finale episode of Gotham, titled “LoveCraft”. In the midst of the shooting, Selina manages to escape. The first season of the American television series Gotham, based on characters from DC Comics related to the Batman franchise, revolves around the characters of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne.The season is produced by Primrose Hill Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television, with Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon serving as the showrunners. https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2014/12/22/get-to-know-gothams-rogues-gallery, https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2014/11/24/the-dctv-secrets-of-gotham-episode-10-lovecraft, https://gotham.fandom.com/wiki/Larissa_Diaz?oldid=77622, Although it hasn't been explicitly stated who sent Diaz after Selina, it can be inferred to be, Although Diaz remains unnamed during her first appearance in ", Because she survived her first appearance, it was speculated by a DC Comics journalist that "we're sure to see her again. Content Guide Sex & Nudity – A teenage kiss. At the precise moment when Lovecraft tries to reach the documents proving his non-involvement in the Wayne murder, the female assassin enters the apartment, subduing Gordon after the two engaged each other in battle. Meanwhile, Selina leads Bruce Wayneon a perilous journey through Gotham to evade the assassins after her. 25 Nov 2014 2 Comments. Here you’ll find the official plot synopsis, still photos, and video clips. The female assassin and her two henchmen turned up at Wayne manor, and it wasn’t clear at first if they were after Selina or Bruce or both. I guess things haven’t gone well for Ivy since considering she is now living with the street kids of Gotham. That definitely helps the episode! Source. At Falcone Manor, Falcone has summoned all his lieutenants for a lunch, in which he ran kills Bannion for failing to secure the armory. The secret council of Gotham City, the Court rules the city from the shadows. After chasing after them to no avail, Alfred calls out for Bruce, but he's gone. The episode was watched by 6.05 million viewers and received generally positive reviews … Gotham S01E09: "Lovecraft". Gordon confronts Dent to find out how the assassins knew that Selina Kyle was the surprise witness of the Wayne murder case. Directed by Guy Ferland. Jim arrives and joins in on all of his. Alive Back in in Gotham, Selina takes Bruce to the Flea, a mall for street kids and … At the Factory, Selina comes to Clyde to try to sell some items she had stolen from the manor, however Clyde instead imprisons Bruce and Selina, having made a deal with the assassins. "Lovecraft" is the tenth episode of the first season of Gotham. When he wakes, the assassins are gone, and Lovecraft is … Also absolutely no Barbara, not even a mention. Lovecraft denies having sent the murderers after Selina as they were also chasing him. At the same time, the assassins arrive at the factory, having come for Selina. When this episode abruptly begins, the poor landscaper working at Wayne Manor is brutally murdered by a female assassin, who then has one of … Profanity – Moderate language for prime time TV; this particular episode wasn’t excessively profane, but did air a few expletives “Of course I would have tried to stop you, you putz“ – Harvey Bullock Summary “Lovecraft” begins with a… Yay or Nay: Yay. When Gordon wakes up, he finds Lovecraft shot dead in the bathtub and notices his gun on the floor. With the focus on Bruce and Selina, Jim didn’t have time to piss off too many people, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t try. She was later seen looking for Dick Lovecraft and was confronted by James Gordon, she explained that if he stood down, she wouldn't kill him. Lovecraft tells Gordon that the Wayne murders were orchestrated by someone bigger then him, or Falcone or Maroni. The two try to hide from their pursuers as Bullock and Alfred arrive at the Factory, opening fire against the assassins. Creepy Ivy is even creepier. When the news about Lovecraft's death is made public, Gordon is relieved from his duties as a detective and sent to work as a security guard at Arkham Asylum. Immediately, the two begin to stack everything in the room to try to reach the hatch in the skylight roof. Although she was never named, the acrobatic tactics and snake sounds of the assassin after Selina this episode would suggest that she was a variation on … There is shooting, running, crouching, and hiding. Selina and Bruce came down the stairs and Alfred realized she was a hired killer. A dead henchman or two later, Bruce escapes with Selina Kyle and heads toward Gotham City with assassins on the hunt. Upon waking hours later on the floor of the condo, Gordon receives a call from Bullock informing him of the children's location, The Factory, where Selina's fence was based at. Let’s get started. Airdate Following a misstep, Gordon is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum. Reluctantly, Dent confesses to leaking the name to give credibility to the rumor. Inside the manor, Selina decided to teach Bruce a balancing technique on the rail. A few minutes later, Alfred and Bullock reach the club, asking to speak to Fish, but she only arrives after seeing Alfred subdue, then hold a knife to Butch's throat. The assassin tells Bruce not to confuse bravery with good sense. They lost Bruce and Selina who fled into the woods. They employed Hugo Strange to find a way to reanimate the dead, caring only for one thing - results. After Bruce dares to chase after her, jumping from one building to another following her, she agrees to let him hang with her, under the condition that he does what she say. As a ruthless mercenary, Larissa is willing to kill her targets. The next day Gordon arrives at Arkham Asylum, prepared to start his new job. It aired on November 24th, 2014. The two got in a fight where her henchman distracted Alfred long enough for her to c… For more on the Lovecraft shout-out, check out the #DCTV Secrets of Gotham: Episode 2 and read up on Arkham Asylum. Creepy assassins are creepy. Larissa Diaz, also known as Copperhead, is an assassin who was sent to kill Dick Lovecraft and Selina Kyle. The female assassin corners Bruce and holds a gun to his head, trying to get Selina's whereabouts out of him, but he only says she's gone. This episode opened with a female assassin taking down a gardener outside of Wayne Manor and literally slicing … Next  →"Rogues' Gallery" Together, Bruce and Selina end up escaping the manor while Alfred is shot in the shoulder, trying to run after the assassins. Gotham, Lovecraft was a great mid season finale that had a lot of action and a little puppy love. November 24, 2014 But by the end of an hour that sees previously isolated characters cross paths over and over, things are depressingly clear. Bruce's only thought is to get into contact with Alfred, to make sure he's okay. He says he doesn't know. She disarmed him and got into a fight with him after a short brawl, she quickly overwhelmed him and rendered him unconscious with a chokehold. Gordon goes to Lovecraft's condo, and finds the entrepreneur there, fearing for his life. Chronology In the mid-season finale Gotham recap, assassins are on the hunt for Selina Kyle forcing her to grab Bruce Wayne Gotham Recap Mid-Season Finale "Lovecraft": Cat and Mouse - Nerdcore Movement After her mother's suicide, Ivy ran away. ", This is the first live-action appearance of Copperhead. Violence & Gore – Some melee combat and gunfights. by cjtheoracle in reviews Tags: Gotham, Lovecraft. Guy Ferland Selina and Bruce came down the stairs and Alfred realized she was a hired killer. "Lovecraft" They (or at least their leader Shaman) serve as the force behind Hugo Strange. Bruce and Selina hide when one of the killers comes into the room, and Selina is able to incapacitate the man. This causes an argument, but Alfred quickly silences them, because their only priority should be finding Bruce. Oswald vehemently denies to Falcone that Maroni had anything to do with the robbery. Without further ado, he says goodbye to Bullock and Ed, and leaves to start his new job. Lesley-Ann Brandt Selina and Bruce having their first dance over the rooftops and alleyways of Gotham was generally pretty adorable. She seemed to uphold some code of honor, as she only killed people on the contract. “Lovecraft” begins with a random woman arriving at Wayne manor asking if … The female holds a gun on Bruce and asks where his girlfriend is. At her nightclub, Butch Gilzean confesses to Fish that he's worried that Falcone will discover their part in the robbery of his vault, but Fish convinces him that this is the time to deliver their blow to Falcone. The title of this week's episode of Gotham is "LoveCraft," a name rife with potential for horror and ambiguity if there ever were one. Hearing the voice of his butler, Bruce is separated from Selina, while Gordon arrives at the scene with other police to assist in the effort. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Season James feigned surrender and then knocked out her henchman. She is able to tactically deceive people and feigned helplessness to get close to her targets. Portrayed by Writer The female who is leading the team doesn’t want to kill Jim, so instead they fight and she puts him into a sleeper hold. Following a misstep, Gordon is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum. More than anything, young Master Bruce had pretty much been holed up at Wayne Manor for almost the entire season, and now we see him in a foreign world, one without his wealth or Alfred to protect or shield him. Given that Lovecraft can't be found anywhere, Dent gives Jim the addresses of several of Lovecraft's condos that he has under the name of his mistress to try to find him. https://gotham.fandom.com/wiki/Lovecraft?oldid=68974, This episode features the first allusion to. [1]. Before the media could circulate the story of his murder, the politician decided to pass it off as suicide because of the pressure of Gordon's accusations. Assassins attack Wayne Manor to try and kill Selina, causing her and Bruce to go on the run. In the world of DC Comics, Copperhead is known as a male villain who can put a serious chokehold on a hero. Under the opinion that helping find Selina would counterproductive to her own personal interests, Mooney initially refuses to help, until Alfred appeals to her honorable side, convincing her to get them the name of Selina's fence. The mayor then told them that one of them would have to be a scapegoat, picking Gordon, as Dent knew how to walk the line. Episode After he mentioned she was gone, she walked away when Alfred was getting close, though not before telling him he should not confuse bravery with good sense. Gordon and Bullock arrive at Wayne Manor, and Alfred, still riding on a … 10 ←  Previous"Harvey Dent" The female assassin spots Bruce and he runs while Cat stays put. The Gotham season 1 finale aired this week and it is...well, ridiculous. She captured Bruce and asked him where Selina was. Gotham Review: Lovecraft. Meanwhile, Selina leads Bruce Wayne on a perilous journey through Gotham to evade the assassins after her.[1]. Jim suggests that the murderer may have been sent by Lovecraft, so he asks Bullock try to find Selina and Bruce as he tries to get Lovecraft to call of the assassins. Larissa Diaz While Harvey and Alfred try to find the kids, Gordon tries to track down the man he believes was behind the attack: Dick Lovecraft.

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