So I sold the DVD to Value Village. 0 Comments. I was thinking that Twelve Forever had a secret series finale. 9 0 Reggie's parents were the hosts of the funeral. I felt confused for 10 seconds, After that, I thought it was an adventure of my own. This is inspired by the Netflix series, Twelve Forever, where Reggie, is the main character. By RobinKeys Watch. It then cut to Reggie, She was sitting on her bed with that still sad look. Follow. My Reason: Characters left: 140 After 20 seconds, It showed something that made me jump out of my seat. Anybody is welcome to comment about anything … With Kelsy Abbott, Jaylen Barron, Antony Del Rio, Bridget Everett. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2/Closing Credits. Reggie is an imaginative, wild, energetic 12-year-old girl. Character Information Regina "Reggie" Abbott, is the main protagonist of the show, Twelve Forever. People around the same age as her can relate to her, … cartoonstyle fanart cartoonfanart twelveforeverreggie netflixfanart twelveforeverconelly twelveforeverconely twelveforevercharacters twelveforevercartoon netflix netflixcartoon netflixseries twelveforever twelveforeverfanart. Reggie's Friends is a 501c3 registered, federally tax exempt organization located in TX. Discover what it's like to be Twelve Forever by watching the entire series now on Netflix!. She wears a beige t-shirt, canary yellow wide-leg cropped pants, a brown belt with a silver buckle, black ankle-length leggings and high top sneakers, left being pink and right being light blue. carbonatedbee. Reggie (5) Conelly (Twelve Forever) (5) Include Relationships Big Deal/Butt Witch (Twelve Forever) (11) Reggie Abbott/Conelly (9) Butt Witch (Twelve Forever)/Reader (4) Gwen/Todd (Twelve Forever) (4) Reggie Abbott & Butt Witch & Esther Hopkins (4) Beefhouse/Mack (Twelve Forever) (3) Reggie Abbott/Tulip Olsen (2) The episode started with Reggie playing a banjo for a talent show that she had at school according to a poster next to her. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving. r/12Forever: A subreddit for the Netflix animated series Twelve Forever created by Julia Vickerman. Trust me, What you will see will shock you.". Created by Julia Vickerman. I have no idea how that happened. I remembered that I had a Netflix fan friend of mine who could name every single series. Conelly shouted. Twelve Forever is a Netflix animated series created by Julia Vickerman (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Clarence), with Shadi Petosky (Danger & Eggs) serving as showrunner., Dustin (older brother), Judy (mother), Daryl (father), Weapon: Love shooter, flail, hammer, machete, flamethrower, hockey stick, folding chair, axe, Dislikes: Growing up, school, The Butt Witch, Likes: Toys, her friends, drawing, Endless Island, Conelly. When his big brother goes away to college, Todd creates a replacement: … There was silence for about 5 seconds before a some french-english like announcer spoke out: "Ladies and Gentlemen, This school theatre center is proud to present, Reggie Abbott! TV Show: Twelve Forever. Reggie's Friends, New Caney, Texas. She doesn't seem to like reality, as she often visits her subconscious and most of her time on Endless Island, where she created many creatures. Originally a Cartoon Network pilot that premiered online on May 18th, 2015, the show was greenlit as a Netflix production two years later. A time card appeared and it said, "2 Days Later." TWELVE FOREVER is a story about 12-year-old Reggie, a weird kid who doesn't want to grow up, still likes playing with toys, and hates girly things. When he got in contact with me, I told him everything about what I found. She was like this for 10 seconds before her body started moving as she put her legs together and her hands over her eyes. It lasted for 3 minutes until it cut to another clip.

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